The Arizona Region of USA Volleyball takes a moment to praise the teams going above and beyond to exhibit good sportsmanship, citizenship and/or enthusiasm/excellence as "work teams" at our AZ Region events.

MARCH 2022

From Spiral – Thanks to coach Stefany Pew (Eastside Blaze) and James Sackley (Spiral) willing to help R1 to speed up courts

From Aspire – Aspire 16 Royal stayed to ref for Club Cactus
From AZ Region – Shout out to the parents of the teams at the AZ Region for saving the Acai vendor’s tent when strong winds came up and lifted the tent off the ground
From Court One – SAVA 14 Orange and AZ Team Thunder 13/14s both agreed to ref matches help catch up on other courts.
From Legacy – Altitude 14 Elevate for working the last match so Gila Valley Jrs could get on the road to Thatcher
Club One 13/14 Yellow for working a match to cover a  no show team.
From Spiral – AZ Sky 13N2 reffed a match to give a break for a team/court that was behind.


From Greenway High School

Kudos to AZ Storm Elite 13 Boltz – They helped an injured player and showed good sportsmanship

Aspire Facility

Aspire 13 Silver stayed to ref the last match to let Shonto get on the road home.

AZ Region Facility

Special thanks to Amishawn Krein (referee), the Stones Family, Riley Smith, Daniel Arrington and Cindy Kirk for helping to speed up the finish of the night by covering the ref assignments on 2 courts so we could split the last 2 matches from one pool and play on 2 courts at the same time.

Spiral Facility

Club One 2 Silver coach Jessica Blum helped referee to catch up a court that was behind.

Spiral Facility

Hawaiian Time Tuberose reffed a match to allow Fever 14s to head home to Lake Havasu

All teams from 12s Pool 8 were willing to speed up the courts in the AM with parents helping to line judge
From Sporting Chance
Club Cactus 16 Silver stayed late in the PM wave so Hanai could drive to Phoenix.

Rise 16 Black stayed late to ref in the PM wave so Molten could drive to Phoenix



Revolution 14 Black gave the ref a break and started the warm ups on the court at Spiral


Aspire Site Director gave kudos to Havoc 14-2 team but it was not indicated what they did

PRV Amazons 13U Green helped take down the nets at the end of the night at Greenway

Omni 14-1 reffed the last match so that Cochise could get on the road at Bell Bank Park

Youngker Site Director gave kudos to Momentum 16 Red but did not indicate what they did.


AZ EVJ 13N2 Tempe reffed the last match to allow Fever 14s to get on the road

MAY 2021

From the AZ Region building: APV 13 Wendy came from another site and reffed the late matches of the morning pools to help get the afternoon start accomplished

From Court One: East Side Blaze 14R covered the ref assignment for Sedona Jr 14s

From Skyline Gila River: Victorium 14 Elite took the ref assignment for Nexus so that they could travel to their next site.

Spiral 14 Lauren stepped in to work so that GVJ could get on the road home after bracket play.

From Greenway: Nexus 12U Lance offered to pick up lunch for AZ Sky 12 Gold when its morning pool ran long. "Thanks to them, we were able to get a little bit of fuel into our girls before they were right back on the court for PM Championships Pool!"

From Skyline Gila River – Livewire 15 Black took over EVJ 15N1 Tempe ref assignment so they could start their match on the other court.

AZ Storm Elite 15 Lightning covered a court to ref because the assigned team left without fulfilling their ref assignment.

Aspire 15 Black took over AZ Storm Elite 15 Lightning ref assignment so they could start their match on the other court.

Aspire 15 Black took over AZ Sky ref assignment so that they could start their match on the other court

AZ Storm Elite 15 Lightning took over Victorium’s ref assignment so their match could get started on the other court.

From Spiral – AZ Epic 15N stayed to ref to allow a Tucson team to get on the road.

APRIL 2021

Aspire 13 Silver: For reffing at Spiral so a Tucson team could get on the road.

From the AZ Region facility – Club Cactus 12 Red reffed a court to speed up the court.  The court was an hour behind at the time.

A Livewire 15 Red dad offered to empty the trash container the AM group left overflowing instead of taking their trash home with them. - THANK YOU!


MARCH 27-28, 2021

From Skyline Gila River – AZ Flames coaches and AZ Wild players help break down their court at the end of day saving much time for the site director at the end of a long day.

From Spiral – Boys Team Aspire 14 Jesus split ref 2 courts to speed up a court.

March 22, 2021

From Sporting Chance: APV 13 Wendy – helped ref to keep the division moving.

From Court One – Nexis 15 Nicole stepped in to ref the last match so that LVBC could get on the road to Tucson.

AZ Epic 16 Elite agreed to ref an extra match to speed up four other teams.

March 2021

Rush 18s stayed to ref last game so AZ Sunfire Volleyball could head back to Phoenix.

2/27/2021 & 2/28/2021

From Greenway HS: Referee Adam Chrisman was amazing and worked very hard.

From Spiral: Boys team AZ Fear 14 JJ helped move up the nets to the right height. Club VOS 14 Blue helped ref so a team from further away could head home.


At Court One, 3 teams help speed up late courts by reffing.

AZUnited 14 Havoc and AZ Sky 13N1 agreed to help and Club VOS Chandler 18s stepped up on their own. Thank you!


  • Ta’ahine AZ 16s stepped up to ref to help a team that had not had a break.
  • Club VOS EV 14U Black covered 2 courts reffing to allow a team from the north to get on the road since it was snowing up north.
  • This exceptional teamwork took place at the AZ Region Facility – 12s Division:

Kudos to Victorium 12 UA, Revolution 12 Elite and Altitude 11 Reach - All were willing to change the order of matches in their pool to allow Ascent to get on the road back to Flagstaff.  It was beginning to snow and they needed to get on the road before it got bad.

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